Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dying to be Dead - Part 1 - Chapter 5 - Sleep of the Dead

He carefully put Lana down to distance himself from her a bit. “I must leave you for a short time. My thirst is getting the better of me. I know that I can be much better company if I have fed”, said Gabriel. He took Lana by the hand and entered the house into the foyer. As soon as they entered, an army of servants came running to be of service to them. Gabriel dismissed them just as fast as they had arrived. Suddenly a door opened from under the side stairwell, and the one that Gabriel had obviously been expecting stood massive, hovering over them. “Welcome home sir. May I be of service to you?” Asked the beastly man before them. Lana instantly recognized her horrific kidnapper from before. She became rigid with fear and Gabriel picked up on it immediately. “Please Lana, calm yourself. Isaac is a good man. He only does what I ask of him without hesitation. You are completely safe in his presence. I assure you of that”, said Gabriel. Then he turned to Isaac, “Yes, and my friend, I’m going to need you to stay in the company of my dear Lana while I am away. She is precious to me Isaac and should not be harmed or allowed to be harmed in any way. Please give her a tour of the premises if you have the time. I will be back well before dawn.” Gabriel embraced Lana for only a moment before he disappeared into the night.

Lana shrank in fear when Isaac’s gaze met hers. His cold ice blue eyes looked vacant, not like an unintelligent individual, but more like one who seemed to be lacking his very soul. The darkness that surrounded his sunken eyes made him look sick, even near death. He gave off the impression of a beastly zombie. Isaac was obviously not the same as Gabriel. He still seemed to be human, only hovering on the brink of death. Lana had to turn away from Isaac’s piercing stare. It was too direct, and way too intense. The loud rasping noise of Isaac clearing his throat startled Lana. Then he began to speak with an unfamiliar foreign accent she hadn’t noticed about him before. “Follow me, please.” He trudged up the left staircase, expecting Lana to follow behind him. It led to the east wing. Lana felt very reluctant to follow Isaac where there seemed to be no one else around, but she continued on against her better judgment. Lana thought Isaac looked very different from behind. He was massive in stature, at least seven feet tall with arms and legs as thick as tree trunks. His hair was very long, with brown cascading curls. He didn’t have his hair tied back so it was flowing freely like a wild animal. As he walked in front of her it whipped her in the face from time to time. She felt like reaching out to touch it for only a second until her better judgment took charge. His hair was the only good quality she could see about him.

Isaac felt the emptiness rising in the pit of his stomach. He remembered when the master used to look at him in the way he now looked at Lana. It was a look that made him feel whole and loved. He never forgot the life that Gabriel saved him from growing up on the dirty city streets in Prague. He remembered nearly freezing to death when he was only a boy, with nowhere to go. Gabriel took him in and raised him, saving Isaac from the unforgiving streets while showing him a life of luxury and teasing him with an alluring hope for immortality. Isaac thirsted for Gabriel’s immortal gift. From the first moment he had realized Gabriel’s power, he wanted a taste of it. It had become all he could think of over the years to the point of total obsession. He begged Gabriel to turn him every night, only to be put aside time and again. Eventually Isaac evolved into Gabriel’s manservant, quite a far cry from where they had begun together.

They were walking far too briskly through the halls for Lana to be able to take in all that was around her. This beautiful home had far too grand of scenery to just spare it all only a passing glance. It was just about as pointless as taking a jogging tour through the Smithsonian. She could tell that Isaac was obviously rushing to get this tour over with. He led her in and out of countless amazing rooms. A moment’s glance was all she was able to enjoy. Then finally they came to the last room at the end of the wing. Isaac opened the massive wooden door in front of them. It had large brass hinges on it that squeaked something awful when it was moved. Isaac only placed his arm in the open entryway directing Lana to go inside without a single word. She hesitantly entered the doorway. Lana turned back around to keep her eyes on Isaac, but he was already gone. The door was closed. He had left her all alone. She couldn’t decide if she was better off alone or with creepy Isaac. She turned in circles taking in the overwhelmingly gorgeous room around her. It was tremendously huge. The walls were painted golden and there were large windows that filled one whole wall that were adorned with black velvet, heavy looking drapes. There was even an ostentatious chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the middle of this massive room. There was a four poster bed a few feet from a very inviting looking fireplace that was already lit. She was grateful for the fireplace. It added light to the dimly lit room. She had been looking for a switch for the fancy chandelier when she realized that it was a chandelier that held only candles. The chandelier had only a few candles lit upon it, and the flames of the candles cast an eerie shadow effect upon the room. It had a strange lulling effect upon her and made her feel very sleepy suddenly.

She pulled back the soft black mosquito netting that hung over the four poster bed and sat down to try and relax a bit. She noticed golden ribbons hanging from the bedrails, obviously there to tie back the mosquito netting. She couldn’t resist rubbing her hands across the luxurious black velvet bedspread. She found a lacey gold nightgown lying folded on one of the bed pillows. It was beautiful, and just her size. She had wanted badly to get out of the horrible sterile hospital gown and robe she was still wearing. “It must have been left here for me. I’m going to put it on”, she decided. The gown slipped over her so easily and felt so good to wear. She tossed the hospital gown into the fire and watched it go up in flames. She wondered where Gabriel was and when he would be back for her. She couldn’t help but get sleepy in this big, comfortable bed. “I’ll just rest my eyes here for a minute”, Lana thought. She laid her head onto the goose down golden pillows.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dying to be Dead - Part 1 - Chapter 4 - Within The Mist

Case File # 11862

Attending Psychiatrist: Dr. Aurora Bradley

Subject: Lana Marie Kelly

Juvenile/ Age 16

Presumptive Diagnosis: Trauma induced dementia with psychotic tendencies

Hospitalization recommended? Yes

Physician Comments:

Miss Kelly has dramatically declined in overall mental and physical health while under the duration of my supervision. I will be petitioning her guardian, her maternal grandmother Annette O’ Brien, to release her into hospital custody so that she can receive intensive, round the clock treatment and mental rehabilitation. I have been witness to her self destructive behavior. There is also evidence of self-injury. It is apparent that the patient has cut herself multiple times on multiple occasions with sharp objects. The blood loss during these episodes is obviously severe because the patient is suffering from an extreme form of acute anemia. It is in my professional opinion that this patient be put on a suicide watch immediately.

04/09/09- 9:18pm

“It feels like a padded box, or maybe a friendly prison cell”, she thought. She wasn’t even given the comfort of sheets on her bed. Some type of rubber padding covered the mattress, and even the walls around her.
“Guess they think I might try and hang myself with the sheets. How typical”, Lana thought and laughed a bit. It was becoming unbearably boring just sitting there with none of the creature comforts she was so accustomed to. She’d have given anything to be able to get on her computer and look at Gabriel’s beautiful face once again. Although, she knew he wouldn’t fail her. She needed only to fall asleep tonight to be in his loving arms once more. Sleep didn’t come to her so easily here in the hospital. The generic look of the room and the coldness that surrounded her reminded Lana of a morgue. As she laid there trying to drift off to sleep, she imagined herself being dead and lying in the morgue, toe tagged and blue lips, laid out in a freezer drawer. Then she imagined what her mother Vivienne must have looked like there. She sat up. Lana didn’t want to think of such things, but she couldn’t escape her own thoughts. She looked around the room in the darkness. She hated the huge mirror that covered the wall that was directly across from the bed. It was scary for her to look at it in the dark. Her image always seemed distorted and evil in mirrors when it was dark. She had that feeling for as far back as she could remember. The thought of breaking the mirror and using the glass shards to cut herself raced through her mind. It had been so long since she had cut herself. The problem was that she didn’t have anything to break the glass with. The room was sterile and barren, except for the rubber bed that was bolted to the cold, padded floor. Lana worked up the courage to try and smash the mirror with her bare fist. When she finally attempted the daring feat, her hand just bounced right off. “Damn!” She shouted loudly. There was no breaking this mirror. It was obviously shatterproof.

Dr. Bradley had been watching Lana through the two way mirror for more than three hours now. It had been very uneventful until Lana tried to break the glass. Dr. Bradley was assuming that Lana wanted to break the glass to have a sharp object to cut herself with. Dr. Bradley documented the incident. Two more hours passed and Lana finally seemed to have fallen asleep. Suddenly, Dr. Bradley noticed the temperature in the room had dropped drastically and there seemed to be a thick, fog-like mist rolling under the door. She looked in on Lana and saw that the mist was entering that room as well.

Lana could feel herself being lifted up into the fresh, cool night air. She welcomed that lovely feeling. She knew she was in Gabriel’s grasp once again. He held Lana so tightly this time, like he was afraid she might fall. “I was afraid you might have left me. I can barely hear your heartbeat”, Gabriel whispered into Lana’s ear. Gabriel felt so cold to Lana. His skin was so white and thin looking. His veins were visible beneath the surface all along the sides of his face. Lana thought about how beautiful he must look when he is bleeding. “When the red, hot liquid flows over that playable flesh, it must be a heavenly”, she thought. Gabriel’s chest rumbled with a small deep laugh as he read her thoughts and held her closer to his hard, cold chest. He held her so close until they touched down at his hacienda; He reluctantly let her go, ever so gently. She looked around at the somewhat familiar grounds that surrounded the hacienda. Lana was thankful to be back at Gabriel’s sprawling and beautiful home. “It’s just so pleasing to the eye!” She thought. “I’m so pleased with your reaction, Lana, my dear. My home is just as much your home, or, that is, it very well could be”, Gabriel professed. He looked at Lana in a whole new way. He stared so deeply into her eyes. Something had really changed in his whole demeanor. There was an animal like expression spreading across his whole face. The moonlight danced so dangerously in his vampire eyes. Lana felt the heat rising in her cheeks.

She feared the crucial moment had arrived. She had dreamt of this. She had wished for this. She had wanted this more than anything else for so very long. It was starting to look like now was that time, but it didn’t quite feel the way she imagined it would. There was an honest fear of death lurking in Lana’s heart. If Gabriel turned her into a vampire, then she’d ultimately be losing her life. She was frozen with fear. She came to the realization that she had tasted death more than she cared to for the moment. She wouldn’t be able to go through with it just yet. She fell to the ground and began sobbing loudly. “You are quite presumptuous my darling girl”, Gabriel said quite smugly. “It is only that I haven’t fed yet on this night.” He scooped Lana up off the ground into his arms. She was still crying uncontrollably. Gabriel wiped at Lana’s tears and pressed her head to his shoulder. “There, there my love. We needn’t worry of such things now”, Gabriel said soothingly as he stroked her hair. “Do not fear me.” Lana’s heartbeat was becoming audibly clear to Gabriel. He looked down upon her succulent little neck as she lay in his arms pressed against his shoulder. He could see the blood pumping right through her precious pink flesh. “Just a kiss, just a sweet little blood kiss like so many times before”, he thought. But he knew it wouldn’t be the same as the other times. He hadn’t fed tonight. His control was wavering. His lust for Lana’s sweet, young blood was becoming uncontrollable. The predator within would soon take control over him if he didn’t leave very soon to go feed.