Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dying to be Dead Part 1- Chapter 6 - To Taste Death

Gabriel descended upon the city to do what he must. He wanted to get it out of the way as quickly as he possibly could. He had wanted this night to belong to him and Lana, but he had misjudged his need for blood. He hadn’t fed tonight but felt fine until he was close to Lana. Her mere presence tempted him so. As the night wore on, it was turning out to be harder than he had estimated it would be. He sensed too much fight in those he encountered on these busy city streets. When there was that much fight left in his victims, he just couldn’t go through with it. It was way too emotionally draining for him to see flashes of what they were leaving behind. It was so much easier when his victims had already lost the will to live. That was the kind that would usually just fall into his arms. It kind of felt like he was doing them a favor. He hadn’t had that kind of luck so far tonight. He did appreciate the triviality of the thoughts of mortals passing on the streets at times. He found humor in the worries they carried. “Did I turn off the stove before I left the house? Is he cheating on me? Oh God, twenty pounds, I’ve gained twenty pounds.” It was so infantile and pointless. Their petty thoughts separated him from his kill. He was convinced that those kinds were a waste and needed to be eliminated. He listened closely for that whining cry for help or that wretched state of mind of one who has lost that fight to live and was ready to end it all. This, in fact, was what first brought him into Lana’s life. Although, once he had watched her intently and felt her anger and vitality, he was attracted to her in a whole other way. So he watched her progressively, more and more over the last year until he saw fit to make his drastic move for a connection. The city was cold and wet this time of night. The overnight dew had already laid its wet blanket upon everything that resided in the cold, night air. The metal railing of the overpass bridge was slippery to the touch. Suddenly Gabriel heard what he’d been listening out for. Just a few feet ahead and above him at the top of the overpass bridge, a young man was on the outer railing getting ready to jump off onto four lanes of traffic below. The young man’s sobbing was like music to Gabriel’s ears. The man’s wailing was so inconsolable. Gabriel had seen this scenario played out so many times before. He had to act quickly to keep his dinner from going to waste. Within seconds Gabriel was holding onto the young man from behind. Gabriel had a hold of him around the neck with one arm and around his waist with the other. The man had jumped forward from being so startled. If Gabriel hadn’t had such a firm grip on him, the man would have been a highway pancake instantly. Gabriel whispered in his ear, “Not just yet Adam. I need something from you first.” Gabriel carried the young man up into the sky to a nearby rooftop. When he landed upon the roof, Gabriel turned the man around and told him, “Death has heard your call Adam. Suffer no more. I shall heed to your ultimate desire.” Adam stopped his sobbing and just stood there dumbfounded, looking into Gabriel’s piercing, animal like green eyes. He had a very childlike expression on his face. That was all Gabriel needed to take advantage of the situation. The predator in him had taken over completely. As Adam’s heart slowed, Gabriel was seeing visions of Adam’s life. There were birthdays and girlfriends, and ultimately heartbreak. A love lost to death was what drove him to yearn for it himself. That was just the image that Gabriel needed to finish the deed. Gabriel laid Adam down on the cold, damp cement of the rooftop just as his heart ceased to beat. “Go to her, Adam. If it is possible, go to her”, said Gabriel before turning and ascending skyward.

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  1. ..well written and as usual, i am left wanting more to read...