Saturday, January 3, 2009

A brand new start

The beginning of a new year can be a very scary thing. There are unspoken expectations that you put upon yourself and others. They can range from losing weight, to putting down the bottle, or making something more of yourself. I can't exactly grasp why we do this to ourselves, but I guess we want to wish towards goals that are ultimately unattainable for most. I personally for years made that fitness goal that I kept up with for all of three days. There is one goal I worked towards that started January 1st, 2008- I became a vegetarian! I am still a vegetarian one year later! I am very proud that I was able to accomplish that. If I was able to stick to my guns and follow through with my vegetarian goal, then why in the heck can't I follow through with anything else? Maybe I need to see this in a whole new light. I was actually able to complete a New Year's resolution. Now my possibilities are endless. Now I need to make a new resolution and stick to it just like I did my vegetarianism. Hmm, my goal to become a published writer? My goal to be a fit, athletic mom? My goal to become a vegan? Yes, my friend, the possibilities are endless. Now, to set my mind on a goal. Processing, processing, processing.........hmmm...this may be harder than I thought.

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