Sunday, October 4, 2009

AFI's Medicate Video

Well, I saw the new AFI Medicate video yesterday. I've been so busy with my writing that I hadn't had the time to check in on the AFI goings-on. Thanks to all my DF friends, I got the heads up that Yahoo posted the new video already. I heard some bad critiques on it from some people, but I loved it personally. I'm so glad the boys are back.Photobucket Davey looks cool in his new style. It's kinda Moz Photobucket meets George MichaelsPhotobucket if you ask me, which I think suits him for now. Tell me I didn't just nail the looks that inspired him. I believe I did. Anyway, uhh the video was great. I got chills seeing AFI in action again. I hope it does well, but if not, I'll still love it. Toward the end of the video, did you notice how Jade really kicked ass on that guitar riff? I knew he was talented but he was really showcasing it.

I am loving Crash Love. I love the way that AFI progresses and matures in their sound with every album.Photobucket People who hate on them for that just don't get it. Everyone changes, why can't they? It has helped them to last in the competitive music industry. If you want, tell me what you think of Crash Love and the new Medicate video. Oh, and here's the video if you haven't seen it yet. Link to Medicate video by AFI

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