Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vampires Will Live Forever

Vampires have been a favorite plotline for stories since Slavs stood around open fires and blamed vampires for their ruined crops and stolen virginity.vampires Pictures, Images and Photos

Varney the Vampire stole his way into Victorian literature. Then Bram Stoker got a hold of the history of the Count of Wallachia. He spun an epic tale that turned Vlad Tepes into the mythical Count Dracula. This was a turning point where vampires went from being something decrepit out of a nightmare into something undead willfully pulled from a fantasy. dracula Pictures, Images and PhotosAll of the sudden the vampire was debonair. Dracula Pictures, Images and PhotosHe was the midnight seducer. The taking of the blood stood for so much more.

Lestat Pictures, Images and PhotosThen, along came Anne Rice and her brat prince Lestat de Lioncourt. Lestat broke every rule. Humans were food, but also so much more. Humans became playthings, and temporary love interests. Vampires had souls, or worried whether they did or not. They struggled between their inherent nature and trying to being good. They stalked the evildoer and had a conscience. vampire Pictures, Images and Photos
Anne rice shaped much of what is seen today in the vampire world. She gave many of us that first taste that left us yearning for more. anne rice Pictures, Images and PhotosAnne Rice walked away from the vampire genre and left us empty with no one to pass the torch onto.

Stephenie Meyer Pictures, Images and PhotosStephenie Meyer came into the scene, be it the young adult scene just at the time we were starving. We wanted blood, and she gave us vegetarian vampires that sparkled.Sparkle Reveal Pictures, Images and Photos Hmm….Can I plead my case and restate the fact that Anne Rice left us high and dry? Well, Twilight sparked the way for teen vampire stories a plenty. Some good, some bad, some I just won't touch on.

Then, make way everyone, ch pic Pictures, Images and PhotosCharlaine Harris comes tearing into the scene with her magical Sookie Stackhouse novels...and boddabing......HBO picks them up as a TV show called True Blood. True Blood Pictures, Images and PhotosTrue Blood is amazing. The books it came from were amazing, corny, very southern, stereotypical, and somehow… still amazing. True Blood brought the Sookie Stackhouse novels' characters to life, and then threw in some extra characters for good measure. If this is the direction the vampire genre is heading, I like it. Either way, they're here to stay.

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